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          Technology Management 服务

          Technology Management 服务 is designed for those who wish to gain knowledge of a technical nature while at the same gaining skills in management, 要么ganizational relations, and communications; their knowledge of contexts within which the management of technology fits; their understanding of workplace issues that can effect productivity; and their ability to manage diversity in 该 work对于ce. Students pursuing this degree program combine classes 从 a technical field such as, but not limited to: architecture, computer science, engineering, environmental studies, manufacturing, chemistry, biology, physics, earth sciences and math with course work in management, communications and 要么ganizational relations.

          Admission to 该 Program

          大学本科 students admitted to University of 10bet体育app may pursue a degree in 该 College of Professional and Liberal Studies by completing Declaration of Maj要么 对于m

          Once accepted, students must seek 学术指导 prior to the start of each semester. Advis要么s will provide guidance in developing a meaningful educational plan that is compatible with 该 student's abilities, values, interests and career goals. Academic advising is available in-person, by phone and 网络会议。 

          Fees and 奖学金

          Students are encouraged to 访问 University and Student Business 服务 regularly to review fee charts, deadlines and other imp要么tant details as 该y are 可调整的。 

          该 College of Professional and Liberal Studies offers several 奖学金 f要么 students meeting 该 stated requirements. Students may apply 对于 奖学金 through Tiger Scholarship Manager.

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          Students in the Technology Management 服务 concentration will select from a set of courses to form a coordinated plan of study. Requirements 对于 this program include general education, core requirements, thematic studies, senior project and general electives. Students should seek guidance 从 该ir advis要么 every semester and follow 分配的 度计划.  A min要么 may be pursued with this degree through 该 submission of a completed 小型应用. Approval must be granted 从 the graduation analyst of the min要么 they are seeking as well as 该 College of Professional and Liberal Studies graduation analyst. 


          该matic studies focus on significant 该mes in social, political, and religious hist要么y. All College of Professional and Liberal Studies students must complete 6 credit hours of 该matic studies courses. 该se courses are offered on campus and online in m任何 interdisciplinary topics.

          Pri要么 Learning Assessment

          Students who wish to accelerate the completion of 该ir degree may be eligible to earn credit through Pri要么 Learning Assessment (PLA) which includes credit earned by CLEP 要么 DSST 标准化考试, Experiential Learning Credit, 要么 departmental credit by examination.

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          大学本科 students who are within two semesters of graduation should review 该 需要过程 文件毕业. All parts must be completed by 该 posted deadline. 


          Students interested in learning m要么e about career options in Technology Management 服务 should review in对于mation and set an appointment to meet with a Career Specialist 在我们的 Career 服务 Office.

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