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          Organizational Leadership

          Organizational Leadership is offered both on campus and fully online and is designed (1) to promote understanding of the nature of organizations and the fundamentals of administrative leadership; (2) to allow students to reflect upon national and international organizational context and upon significant social and cultural issues raised in those contexts; and (3) to promote skills in formal and interpersonal communication, including sensitivity to personal issues having an impact upon the quality of accomplishment in the workplace.

          LiFE: Learning inspired by FedEx
          Through a unique partnership between our UofM Global department and FedEx, eligible FedEx employees can complete the Organizational Leadership degree program with courses suited to prior education, 24/7 tutoring, and potentially no out-of-pocket costs (students must meet eligibility requirements and be in good academic standing).

          Admission to the Program

          Undergraduate students admitted to University of Memphis may pursue a degree in the College of Professional and Liberal Studies by completing Declaration of Major form

          Once accepted, students must seek academic advising prior to the start of each semester. Advisors will provide guidance in developing a meaningful educational plan that is compatible with the student's abilities, values, interests and career goals. Academic advising is available in-person, by phone and web conference. 

          Fees and Scholarships

          Students are encouraged to visit University and Student Business Services regularly to review fee charts, deadlines and other important details as they are subject to change. 

          The College of Professional and Liberal Studies offers several scholarships for students meeting the stated requirements. Students may apply for scholarships through Tiger Scholarship Manager.

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          Degree Requirements

          Students in the Organizational Leadership concentration will select from a set of courses to form a coordinated plan of study. Requirements for this program include general education, core requirements, thematic studies, senior project and general electives. Students should seek guidance from their advisor every semester and follow the assigned degree plan.  A minor may be pursued with this degree through the submission of a completed minor application. Approval must be granted from the graduation analyst of the minor they are seeking as well as the College of Professional and Liberal Studies graduation analyst. 

          Thematic Studies

          Thematic studies focus on significant themes in social, political, and religious history. All College of Professional and Liberal Studies students must complete 6 credit hours of thematic studies courses. These courses are offered on campus and online in many interdisciplinary topics.

          Prior Learning Assessment

          Students who wish to accelerate the completion of their degree may be eligible to earn credit through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) which includes credit earned by CLEP or DSST standardized exams, Experiential Learning Credit, or departmental credit by examination.

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          File for Graduation

          Undergraduate students who are within two semesters of graduation should review the required process to file for graduation. All parts must be completed by the posted deadline. 

          Career Development

          Students interested in learning more about career options in Organizational Leadership should review information and set an appointment to meet with a Career Specialist in our Career Services Office.

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